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About Us

SIL Laboratories Requirement LLC

SIL Laboratories Requirement LLC. is a leading provider of scientific solutions for laboratories across the Middle East and North Africa.


Since its establishment in 1985, SIL owners hasbeen working in the field of analytical science as its technical team coversthis business from the very first points of the technical support that is offerthe best configure of the instrument based on the real application to the finalstep which is installation.


In 2002, we established our own business in Egypt,we are successful in North Africans Market and then we expanded our territoryto start covering the GCC region as our team covers most of gulf countries.


Our portfolio includes international brands suchas Jasco-Japan, Dani- Italy, Aqua Solution, USA and some more.


Our team  professionals operating in 10countries providing installation, maintenance, application support and trainingto laboratories staffs.


The sales and support teams located across theMiddle East and North African region, and the network of distinguished localagents ensures close reach to any laboratory.



The state-of-the-art training center located inEgypt provides  the best in classfacilities to train users of our products and soon we will provide new trainingcenter in Dubai.

 Scope of Our Business:

           • Marketing, Sales and Service of Analytical equipment,
           • Marketing, Sales and Service of Material Science Machines,
           • Marketing, Sales and Service of Software solution for Lab Management(LIMS),
           •Turn Key projects.