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GS - TeK

General Separation Technologies Inc.(GS-Tek), a leading manufacturer in the USA, offers a complete GC/HPLC column product line as well as supplies that serve world-wide chromatographers, help them to perform many different tests.

GS-TeK provides quality and cost effective chromatographic products and services like columns, supplies, and tech-support to end-user chromatographers all fields, solution and service providers, distributors and OEM partners.

Our Products:
1. General Separation Bonded Phase (GsBP) GC Columns.
2. HPLC Columns.
3. Solid Phase Extractions.
4. Chromatographic Supplies.
5. Custom-made products


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    • Venusil HPLC Columns

Products line:

SIL is committed to providing the finest products for All Lab equipment, supported by expert and highly trained Executives sales and service team.